Monday, May 9, 2011


So today was an alright day. I'm making this post short but did want everyone to know that I am still working toward my goal. This helps keep me on track.

I spent the night at my boyfriends. We had some really great sex last night and I worked up a sweat then did again this morning before we went to the gym together. I biked 5 miles then ran half a mile and walked for 20. I then did about 20 minutes of yoga.

apple sauce- 100
coffee with cream- 35
salad with grilled chicken- 400
half of a plain burger- 195
sweet potatoe fries - 160
green beans- 50
cake- 400 UGH

total- 1,340

Can you believe this? I've been trying my best to get back on track and still can't get there. What is this road block I keep meeting? why did I have to have cake? I'm killing myself by eating this much don't I see that?

sex- 140
bike- 200
hatha yoga- 60

total burned- 520

I decided to do 10 minutes of dancing and 10 minutes of plyometrics to burn off some of that cake. About 140 more.


Still feel disgusting...


thin_thighs said...

I think you did really well! Dont be so hard on yourself hun you only took in 680 cals. That is so much better than most of my days!

<3 Jess

Ana's Addict said...

Aw, hun.
You cannot beat yourself up. :(
It was one bad day.
Which, in all honesty, was not really that bad, because you balanced it out with your exercise.
Keep your chin up.
Remember, tomorrow is a new day.
You can do this. :)
Hang in there and stay strong love. <3