Thursday, May 12, 2011

"She was of dust and feathers..."

Today I want to pay tribute to my friend who passed almost a year ago. She was my weight loss partner and my friend. She was so strong and always was my thinspiration. We got to our low weights together but after she passed, I gained a ton of weight. She was an inch above my height and her low weight was 119. She was hospitalized 4 times and on the 4th her heart beat dropped to 54. She had a heart arrhythmia which induced a heart attack because of her low heart beat. I loved her and everything she stood for. Today I hit 138 and I'm back on track and when I think of her and how strong she was it makes me want to be strong. I sometimes forget what she sacrificed to be like Dust and Feathers, but I need never forget. I wear her ana bracelet. Nina. Beautiful, Nina. My heart and my starvation goes out to you.


Anonymous said...

im sorry it brings you down to think of her but im glad it makes you stronger. Much love. Jxxx ps: love the photo

Ana's Addict said...

I am so sorry about Nina.
She seems like she was a wonderful person.
I am sure she is watching over you now.
She is your Ana Angel. :)
Is that picture of her?
She is so beautiful. :)
Hang in there and stay strong, love. <3