Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Swimming Aspect.

So swimming is a lot different than running and biking. With running and biking it's easy to push myself and go farther than I may have previously gone. I can almost wear myself out, but with swimming you can't do that so easily. Today I was suppose to do 8x25 to start out training, but couldn't get through it all. I only did half. BREATHING is such a hard thing to grasp. Getting a rhythm and flow is so key and I just haven't gotten it yet. I did 4x25 or 100 meters and felt so defeated that I couldn't finish the rest. I guess I should quit smoking. Friday is my next swimming day and I'm looking around for some help on how to get my breathing in gear. If any of you all are swimmers I would love the advice.

Intake was good. 420 out of 900 and probably just having oatmeal for dinner. under 300. The eating is getting better. Slowly I move toward success.

Athletic Thinspo cause I'm in the mood :)


Skinny_legs said...

Hey girly,
I love swimming I always feel like I can go further because the water is so cool and refreshing all the while. You need to get the breathing down right, the head turns as your strokes come down.
Stay strong and good luck!

Ana's Addict said...

I love swimming!
I am no good at it though, haha!
Still fun, though, and burns tons of calories. :)
Hope you get the hang of it; I am still working on it, myself. :)
Hang in there and stay strong love! <3