7 Steps to this Saving Sin

1. Eat under 600 calories a day.
           *200 calories a meal. (100 is even better and none is perfect.)

2. Workout 3 to 5 times a week.
           *Each workout session consists of 40 minutes to an 1 hour of cardio.
           *2 strength workout sessions a week in addition to the cardio.
           *in day to day life walk everywhere....elevators and escalators=fat thighs
           *Yoga every morning!
           * take up a new activity that you like doing then dedicate to it. fall in love with it then drown yourself in it i.e. hiking, swimming and dancing are my favorites. When I get the chance, I do these in excess of 5 hours at a time. Tons of calories GONE!

3. Diet Supplement
           * I like to use Lipo-6 Black hers + 1 dose of Hoodia and a women's active multivitamin (GNC loves me) These fight cravings, burn calories, and help prevent fat from being released into the body.

4. Water
           *4...count them....4 nalgean bottles full. [a little splenda and lemon juice mix it up and fight cravings while cleansing your liver and burning calories.]

5. Detox
           *When I find that I am craving a lot in a week and having trouble staying on track I find taking a 7 day detox cleans my system of those cravings and bad sugars that are trying to ruin my day!
                               + 2 oz (1/4 cup) cranberry juice
                               + 2 tbsp lemon juice
                               + 1 tbsp soy protein (low-cal kind! this helps fill up your stomach the all natural way)
                               + 20 oz of water (I use a Voss bottle. They are glass so you can use it over and over)
                   -Drink this 4 times a day for 7 days and let it clean your mental and physical palate.
                   [I like to do this once a month usually toward the beginning to help jump start weight loss]

6. Thinspo
            *every hour, every minute, every second of every day! Post, put up, leave out, look at. I write it in poem form, I put it on my computer, I photograph it. I love it. Find someone that you admire the most and use them over and over. Speak their name when food is tempting you. Write them letters that you don't send telling them how well you are doing...ANYTHING to keep the food demons at bay. Thinspiration really gets me through every situation.

7. Support
            *tell someone who understands and get their support. support someone else who is doing it. support yourself. journal. blog. talk. I know for me, keeping a blog keeps me accountable. If I know other people [who are pro-ana] are watching my every move to see what I eat, I know I'll eat less. Sometimes receiving support and giving support is the best way to keep the cake in the cupboard and the ass in the skinny jeans.